iNewsToday: Pokemon GO Is About To Overtake Snapchat And Google Maps

By Cheryl Sanders


For those of you not in the know, “Pokémon Go” is an augmented reality mobile game that makes its players explore the real world to collect pokémon, visit pokestops and battle it out for control of “gyms”.


“Flying in the face of age-old and sound security advice, they are foregoing official app storesto download the app from third parties, many of which are not being as helpful as it seems”. This will be kicking off on the 19th of July where not only will the game not consume your data, but customers can get free Lyft rides up to $15 to a new PokeStop or Gym, free Wendy’s Frosty, and 50% off selected accessories like chargers and power packs.


They may think products like the Pokemon Go music player are harmless. Survey Monkeyreported that it is now the biggest mobile game in US history. If you select the app and notice that your permissions are set to partial account access, then no further action is required. A popular app that’s not available in some places is a near-perfect target for crafting a malwaredelivery strategy. Australia and New Zealand were the first to enjoy the app’s launch.


But a few bugs don’t need to mean the end of your gaming experience.


Why is there a Pokemon Go malware and what does it do?


According to the Security Research firm called ProofPoint, there is at least one Pokemon Go APK out there that, when downloaded onto an Android smartphone, provides a backdoor for hackers to gain remote access. Select this option and choose “OK” when prompted to remove access.


If your phone happens to freeze when you’ve just captured a Pokemon, do not force close it immediately. Gamers with their eyes glued to their phones while crossing the streets can put them at risks. To report a problem, tap the Pokeball, then choose settings, click on “report high-priority issue” and then submit a gym or Pokestop form. “Users are able to write off a lot of the initial issues because they’re so attached to the brand”, said Jordan Edelson, CEO of developer Appetizer Mobile.


Heck, they’ve even been missing out on the chance to get waterbombed by curmudgeons who don’t like people gathering at parks during odd hours of the night. But don’t worry, guys.



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