AVN Network: 9 Takeaways from CES 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show wrapped last week in Las Vegas. More than 170,000 attendees were on hand to see the latest and greatest AV, auto, and computing technologies—from unique IoT concept devices to commercial displays. Here are my top nine CES 2016 takeaways:


• Drones: Drones made a huge impact with CES this year, and the increasing popularity is creating a wave for both corporate and everyday consumers. As Amazon and Walmart race for drone deliveries, selfie drones are fulfilling the need for perfectly taken images of ourselves.


• Virtual Reality: Speck announced a Google Cardboard-Compatible Pocket VR Case for iPhone. Phones are the latest consumer accessory to have been targeted by VR technology; it will now be easier than ever to immerse yourself in virtual reality on-the-go.


• Augmented Reality: Garmin’s Varia Vision allows an AR experience by mounting the product to your sunglasses. For a comfortable $400 Varia Vision can give you traffic updates and directions.


• Innovations in Sounds: Technics EAH-T700 headphones are a game-changer in the headphones space. Their precision and force are unparalleled.


• Wearable Technology: FitBit Blaze unveiled a line of watches that has a five-day battery life. As predicted, wearable technology is becoming more user friendly, and practical for everyday life.


• Autonomous Vehicles: Leaving the days of science fiction behind, companies such as Audi, Toyota and Volkswagen are now integrating autonomous technology. Cars are also using technology to integrate all consumer systems from music to texting.

• OLED: 
The next-generation OLED displays introduced at CES are “razor-thin” (2.5mm) and offer better power consumption. The LG OLED model integrates a design feature called “picture on glass.” Consumers and pro AV stakeholders have been intrigued by the promise of OLED for more than a year, but prices have been too prohibitive….until now.


• Curved Displays: Samsung previewed their new 98-inch curved 8K set, with more than 33 million pixels. The company promised it is one of the first “real” 8K sets, setting the bar high for all curved display technology. We are at the point where the human eye can’t tell the difference anymore, curved at the apex point of the television.


• Hoverboards: Lexus showed off their hoverboard, which Lexus stated uses “magnetic levitation” and “liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets.”


Jordan Edelson is the founder and CEO of Appetizer Mobile, a mobile application development, consulting, & marketing company.


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