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New York, NY – February 2017 –The founder and CEO of Appetizer Mobile, a leading mobile application development agency in New York City, Jordan Edelson, knows what it takes to not only develop a great app, but also market it in a way that both attracts, and more importantly maintains, interest from consumers. With more than 800,000 apps in the world, Jordan offers tips that businesses and individuals can use in a cluttered digital world to stand out from the crowd:


  1. Be conscious of having an idea that is marketable and focused – It is important to start with an idea that has the potential to attract a very large demographic. At the same time, it’s prudent to focus on niche marketing with in that large demographic by initially focusing on smaller segments. This strategy will help you maximize early marketing spends and gather key data on how to position future campaigns. The key is to focus first before going too wide.


  1. Focus on prelaunch marketing activities – Come up with a marketing strategy while the app is in the development phase. Plan an aggressive prelaunch strategy with early tactics like a whisper campaign. You can start to plan for a grassroots campaign and begin looking into possible brand ambassadors for the app. “A lot can be done on the marketing front in the pre-launch phase and most app developers don’t properly utilize the time before the launch of an app,” said Jordan. “I also highly recommend installing analytics software to track and analyze customer data once the app is live. It is important to have access to this data to see trends and better know where and how to invest marketing dollars.”


  1. Figure out a proper launch strategy – Don’t spend an exorbitant amount of money on a launch party. When it comes to an event, be budget conscious. Money should be always spent in an impactful way. For instance, consider looking into strategic partnerships or aligning with existing events to cover/split the costs with like-minded brands. Reallocate money that would have been spent on a large party into social media marketing that will generate buzz and word of mouth activity.


  1. Post-launch – Assess what has worked and what has been successful throughout the launch. Have a data driven strategy in place (if a pilot was done prior to launch you should have some data to base your launch marketing strategy from). Have KPIs established ahead of time (to determine what success is for your app – viral, social media activity, downloads, etc.) and be agile to dynamically changing your marketing strategies and redefining/adding to your KPI metrics.


  1. Make sure your product stays relevant and is optimized to go viral – Ensure your marketing efforts are supported by your development efforts. It is important for developers to issue new updates for their apps on a fairly consistent basis to illustrate commitment to the app and community. It is also important for the developer to monitor and accept constructive user feedback from the ratings and reviews posted in the app store(s). As the product continues to be developed developers should be conscious of things like building viral loop marketing into their application (i.e. affiliate programs, word of mouth incentives, etc.). A lot of this can be planned out during the early phase and should be reviewed as the app matures.


“It is more important than ever for apps to have solid marketing plans and strategies in place, yet remain flexible as the app and market matures,” said Jordan Edelson, Founder and CEO, Appetizer Mobile. “In order to stand out, developers need to keep up with both the marketing and development sides of the app. This synchronous approach typically creates a more favorable environment for the app to be successful.”


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