Lenovo’s Newest Mobile Device

Have you ever imagined what a phone with only screen and no bezels might actually look like? Well, it looks like Lenovo might be trying to hit that on the head. The Vice President of Lenovo, Chang Cheng has been teasing what appears to be a screen with an ultra thin bezel on the Chinese social media site, Weibo. Now, we’ve seen a little bit of the “All Screen” experience with Apple’s iPhone X, with the exception of the little notch on the top. This could be the beginning of something different, ultimately better and more immersive. A lot of people want to get this design right but what about the flaws? The first one that comes to mind is a front facing camera. How will they insert it to make it look almost seamless? The iPhone X had to place the notch there for that reason and also for the proximity sensors. This is something I’m sure that they’ve thought about and have tested further recently, but with innovations like this, we always have to stop and think about the possible set backs of each product. Are you excited for the new Lenovo phone?

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