Flora: Learn to Go Green!

Nowadays, people follow different health trends to turn off eating foods that are particularly unhealthy or contain different chemicals inside them. Vegan diets are one of the more recent popular lifestyles for people who want to be at their optimal health. In research done by Vegetarian Times, “3.2 percent of adults or 7.3 million people, follow a vegetarian based diet. 0.5 percent or 1 million people of those are vegan, who consume no animals.” In an updated article from June 2017, we have seen growth as 6% of Americans now identify as Vegan, as told by Flora, founded by singer and CEO Kehlani, is an application built around keeping communities healthy, clean and green. When in the application, you are met with “Challenges”. Some of the most recent challenges include “Walking 10,000 steps a day” , “Going meat free for a week/day” and “No single use plastic for a week.” Now, the cool thing about the challenges are that when you join them, you get a prize for completing each task after you check in (also earn some points). You can have conversations as it is also a social application where you can share your achievements with others. There is a dedicated forum to chat and post your thoughts and ideas. With areas such as Fitness, Food, Self Care and more, you can freely talk about things that you have on your mind or wondered about. Flora is in beta right now, but will be available on the Apple app store soon.
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