Fortnite to Bypass Google Play Store

Epic Games, the creator of the game, Fortnite, has recently announced a monumental decision that could shift the way big brands and companies decide to launch their mobile applications. They’ve decided they will not be launching their game on the Google Play Store and instead offer the game to be downloaded directly from their website. This decision will cost Google approximately $50 million in platform fees in this year alone. You may be wondering, why doesn’t Epic Games follow the same route with iOS? Well, iOS devices do not allow their owners to download applications from anywhere but their own app store as opposed to Android devices, where you can download applications from anywhere on the web. How can this effect the future for big brands releasing applications on Android devices? We may begin to see a shift as owners are truly seeing the value of keeping those margins that Google often takes advantage of and simply focus on garnering attention to their websites instead.


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