Apple Keynote: 10/30/18

Apple held their keynote today in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, where they introduced their latest updated products.


The first product showcased was the Macbook Air, which got its first redesign in over four years. The new Macbook contains the latest 3rd generation keyboard, retina display, Touch ID and Thunderbolt 3. The retina display was desperately needed as the Macbook Air screen display quality has been in question for some time now. In addition to the screen, the Touch ID not only provides users with up to date login access and password storage, but the latest security encryption too. Lastly, say goodbye to the numerous ports located on the sides in the older models, as Thunderbolt 3 has clearly shown Apple’s mission to have all its products charge seamlessly through USC-C.


The second product showcased was the Mini Mac. The design for the most part hasn’t changed aside from their strategy to create all Apple products from 100% recycled aluminum. In regards to the underlaying parts and software, the Mini Mac is now 5x faster with the latest generation six core processor, 64 GB of ram and 2 TB of storage.


The last product showcased in todays keynote was the Apple iPad. The new iPad has removed the home button as FaceID will be the main source of login security. The tablet slims down to 5.9mm and are available in larger display sizes. If you’d like to read more about the apple products released today, feel free to visit:¬†


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