5 Mobile App Marketing Tips to Drive Installs

Whether you’re an app developer, major brand, small business, or startup, you want people to find and use your app. Over time, it has been getting increasingly difficult to accomplish this considering there are over 2 million apps and counting on Google Play and the App Store and consistently growing digital ad spend. As a result, it is crucial businesses have well-rounded marketing strategies for their app’s promotion. Here are 6 mobile marketing tips to help your app gain exposure and installs.



#1 Utilize App Store Optimization (ASO)


App store optimization, or ASO, is a vital aspect of most app marketing campaigns. It is the process of using keywords, graphics, ratings, and other ranking factors to enhance an app’s position in app store search results and chart rankings.


Naturally, the better your app’s ASO, the easier it is for people to discover your app organically.


If you’re interested in learning about how to leverage ASO for your app’s marketing strategy, check out our recent blog post “5 Tips for Better App Store Optimization (ASO).”



#2 Start an Email Newsletter


Newsletters serve as an excellent medium to reach people who are already interested in your brand and would likely convert to app users.


Additionally, it is a great way to retain interest in your app by regularly highlighting new app features, updates, and promotions to users.


Moreover, email marketing remains a relevant marketing channel and can play a significant role in acquiring installs.



#3 Run Facebook Ads


Another effective tool for driving installs is Facebook Ads.


Though the platform, marketers can easily test different ad types, formats and copy before scaling their campaign. This enables marketers to find the best creative mix that successfully calls attention to their app’s benefits and drives installs.


It also allows marketers to target and retarget audiences with a fair degree of precision. This includes being able to do device level targeting, OS-based targeting, demographic targeting, interest targeting, connection-based targeting, and more.




#4 Use Twitter’s Promoted Tweets


Similar to Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweets are another effective means of acquiring installs. With the proper keyword research, ad copy, creative assets, and A/B testing, Twitter can be a fruitful channel for your mobile app marketing campaign.



#5 Advertise on Niche Social Networks (Reddit/Quora)


When it comes to online advertising, marketers often overlook niche social networking sites like Reddit and Quora.


Since few apps and brands advertise on these platforms, they serve as cheap and less competitive alternatives to behemoths like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


Furthermore, it is the perfect opportunity to leverage marketing channels your competitors are likely underutilizing.