4 New Google Assistant Capabilities and Integrations from CES 2019

On the first day of CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Google made several exciting announcements concerning its AI-powered virtual assistant, Google Assistant. Let’s take a look at a few of the new capabilities and integrations that were revealed.



#1 Flights & Hotel Booking



Over the next week or so, Google will give fliers the ability to check into their flights using Google Assistant. At first, this feature will only work for domestic flights on United Airlines, but the offerings are expected to grow in the coming year.



Another Google Assistant feature to be aware of for travel is hotel booking. Partnerships with AccorHotels, Choice Hotels, Priceline, TravelclickInter, Continental Hotels Group, and Mirai have allowed Google to build a robust database of hotel listings. With this database, the virtual assistant can go through and examine the listings for the best deals, value, and experiences.



#2 Dish TV Box



At the conference, it was announced that Dish TV will be incorporating Google Assistant directly into its Hopper set-top boxes. Currently, Hopper boxes lack this integration and have to be paired with an existing Google Assistant device to work.



In the near future, Dish TV viewers will gain a host of built-in voice capabilities with Google Assistant. This includes using your voice to navigate channels, get news updates, display photos, check the weather, and control other connected devices.



#3 ‘Interpreter Mode’



In the coming year, Google will be introducing Interpreter Mode for its Google Home Speakers and smart displays.



Interpreter Mode will turn Google Assistant into an active translator between two parties.



All you would have to say is “Hey Google, be my [insert language] interpreter,” and Google will begin relaying responses in the two languages.



This mode is expected to have great utility for the hospitality industry and world travelers.



#4 Google Maps



After much speculation and wait, Google Maps will finally have Google Assistant integration.



For both iOS and Android devices, Google Assistant will allow drivers to reply to texts and control navigation in Google Maps.



Also, for Android only, users will able to send messages through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts, Telegram, and other third-party offerings.



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