Google Announces New App Marketing Solutions for Mobile Game Businesses

Ahead of the Google Ads keynote at the Game Developers Conference, Google has announced new app marketing solutions for mobile game businesses. These solutions include App engagement campaigns and smart segmentation.

App Engagement Campaigns

A common obstacle app marketers face in their advertising campaigns is retaining acquired users beyond a few days.

To help address this, Google has introduced App campaigns to help advertisers re-target inactive players with relevant ads across Google properties. This allows marketers to show tutorials to weary downloaders or ads highlighting new game features to users who got bored. Also, it enables marketers to use Google Play to entice people to open that app for the first time on Android.

Moreover, App campaigns present the opportunity to re-engage users and extend LTV with tailored, targeted advertising.

Smart Segmentation

Another marketing solution Google announced is its new smart segmentation features in Google AdMob.

Soon, advertisers will be able to use Google’s machine learning to segment app users based on their likelihood to make in-app purchases.

With this, marketers can avoid impacting the user experience for likely in-app spenders by not showing in-app ads to them, while monetizing in-app ads for unlikely spenders. Furthermore, smart segmentation presents a prime opportunity for developers to capture revenue from non-spending users.

The mobile app and gaming industry is expanding and people are spending more than ever on mobile apps. Though, with growth, there is intense competition and it’s easy to get buried in a sea of new apps. Hence, with these new marketing solutions, Google can help your app stand out from the crowd by re-engaging your user-base and taking advantage of a more dynamic approach to monetization.

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