Google Cloud Announces 7 New Open Source Data Partnerships

At the Google Cloud Next developer conference, Google announced new partnerships with seven different open source data management and analytics companies. These partners include InfluxData, Elastic, Confluent, DataStax, MongoDB, Redis Labs and Neo4j.



By partnering with top open source-centric companies, Google hopes to enhance its Cloud’s app developer ecosystem and user experience; areas where it’s actively competing with Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure.



Through integrations with its new partners, Google adds services that will help optimize performance and latency between the Cloud and enterprise applications hosted on it. Also, it adds a new unified interface where users can manage applications directly from the Google Cloud Console.



The new partnerships will impact customer billing and support as well. As part of the new integrations, all charges will appear in a unified bill in the Google Cloud Console, regardless if it is from a partner service or Google Cloud. Also, Google will be capable of providing customer support for majority of its partner services.



Google Cloud has had partnerships with several of these businesses previously. For instance, in 2018, Google and Confluent announced they would integrate Confluent Cloud, a fully-managed streaming data service, into Google Cloud.



Additionally, some of the services provided by new partners overlap with Google’s current capabilities, such as Cloud Pub/Sub for stream analytics and Dataflow for building distributed data pipelines.



Overall, Google forming partnerships with open source-based companies aligns with market trends. As per, over 70 percent of future applications developed by corporate users are expected to run on an open source database management systems. Furthermore, Google is looking to capture and maintain a significant share of this competitive, growing market with these new partnerships.



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