Top Helps Collect Retention Data

When it comes to measuring SaaS success, companies look at a number of key metrics, including annual recurring revenue (ARR) and net revenue retention (NRR). The latter measures the amount of recurring revenue from existing customers. If it goes up, it means that customers are expanding their usage of the product, making it a key measurement for companies selling software as a service., an early-stage startup, recognized that there were few tools out there that helped automate the collection of data around NRR, and they have built a platform from the ground up to help. The company has  announced now a $5.2 million investment. The system can connect to each system in the organization that touches the customer like Salesforce and HubSpot for customer data, systems that collect revenue data from the customer, or any other relevant software, going so far as to build a data warehouse to store this information for the customer.