Forbes: Tasks CEOs Can Outsource To Virtual Assistants

As leaders of their respective companies, CEOs are naturally very busy, so often it can make sense to outsource tasks to a virtual assistant, or VA. From simple yet time-consuming tasks like scheduling meetings and managing emails to more involved tasks such as research and report preparation, VAs can help CEOs gain back a significant amount of time during their workday, allowing them to turn their focus back to vital decision-making and operational tasks. But not every task a CEO may have on their to-do list each day can be assigned to someone else, so what are the tasks best suited for a virtual assistant? Jordan Edelson, CEO of Appetizer Mobile, stated “One task CEOs should outsource to a virtual assistant to help them save time is scheduling meetings and appointments. Allowing others to be able to schedule time on your calendar without requiring the back-and-forth conversation makes the process much more efficient”. To read the entire article, you can visit the following link: