Bluesky Rolls Out New Feature

Decentralized social network Bluesky is rolling out a new in-app video and music player for links, along with a new “hide post” feature. The new additions bring Bluesky’s user experience closer to X (Twitter). The new video and music player works with YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and Twitch embeds. Unlike on X, where autoplay on videos is the default setting, Bluesky’s in-app player won’t autoplay content. If users want to watch or listen to the content, they will have to trigger it with a tap. As for the new “hide post” feature, you can click on it if there’s something you don’t want to see again. In addition to these new features, Bluesky has fixed a bug that caused muted and blocked account listings to show as empty. The social network also fixed an issue that would cause an empty home screen, along with a crash bug that would sometimes occur while interacting with threads.