Check Out Indaband!

A new social media app called Indaband lets musicians and vocalists collaborate with others and make music with people all over the world. The app is designed to make people who usually play an instrument on their own feel like they’re part of a worldwide band (get it, Indaband?). Record a video of yourself playing an instrument and others can stitch in videos of themselves playing their own instruments on top of your original recording. All you need to get started on Indaband is a pair of headphones and a smartphone to record yourself. You can choose to upload prerecorded files as new tracks or open the app’s recording booth to record your tracks on top of someone else’s. You can record and mix unlimited video tracks in different sessions using the app’s multitrack video studio and share them with your community. Indaband notifies you when someone collaborates with one of your tracks, so you can see how they added their own take on your content.