2016 predictions: The six tech trends that will rule 


In July, Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg predicted that humans would one day be able to talk with their minds and get Internet access from orbital lasers beaming power down to Earth.


While we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath for those technologies just yet, 2016 will be filled with incremental tech developments that will serve as a foundation for a much smarter future.


Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and smart cars will move to the main stage in 2016 as hardware is commercialized and cloud technologies make way for multi-functional computing.


At CES, the world’s largest annual tech convention to be held in Las Vegas Jan 6-9, there will be more square-footage and vendors dedicated to cars, wearables, robots and drones than ever before — a whopping three-and-a-half football fields’ worth of space for smart-car technologies alone.


This will set the stage for a 2016 of technology companies expanding into new niche markets, such as healthcare and auto, as their software products and services become increasingly ubiquitous.


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