Appindex: Appetizer Mobile named one of the Top New York App Developers 2015

One of the most bustling and tech-aware cities in the world, New York is high in the ranks of the mobile app development world, with a large numbers of developers and app companies settling their offices in the Big Apple.


From US giants Fuzz to smaller studios like Dom and Tom, the city has plenty to offer on the app development front, both for established enterprises and for budding start ups. Which is why we’ve selected the best of the best to help you choose the right partner for your business’ mobile solution.


We selected eight companies based on the range of their portfolio, their ability to deliver native apps across a variety of platforms and ensuring that all price levels and project sizes are covered. The criteria we used were:


  • Main Activity: The main avenues of activity of the company, such as straight-up coding, UX/UI design, branding and others.
  • Industry Focus: Previous experience with companies and the sectors in which they operate.
  • Client Size: The size of the companies they usually deal with
  • Company Size: So you know how many people you’ll be dealing with
  • Key Clients: The biggest and best-known clients of the developer, generally large enterprises.
  • Avg. Hourly Rate: A range of rates you might expect to pay for development of your app and other services

Appetizer Mobile


Appetizer Mobile‘s CEO was featured in Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30 in 2015, and that is just one of many accolades this company can brag about. With their range of services covering marketing, strategy, app and game development as well as SEO optimisation, hosting and post-launch maintenance, they’ve produced apps for massively recognisable names like 50Cent, Sephora and the NBA. A small team with massive talent, their skill in creating just the right kind of app is not to be taken lightly.


  • Main Activity: Mobile App Development (50%), App UX/UI (25%)
  • Industry Focus: Arts (30%), Business Services and Gaming (both 20%)
  • Founded: 2009
  • Client Size: NA
  • Company Size: 10-49
  • Key Clients: NBA, Lady Gaga, Interscope Records
  • Avg. Hourly Rate: $50 – $99


A selection of Appetizer Mobile’s Key Clients

Final Thoughts:


Whether you’re just starting out or you have an established business, and whether this is your first diving into the mobile world or you have a strategy all set out, we believe you’ll find your mobile dev in this list – dig in!


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