This Cool New App Turns Your Pictures Into Fashion Sketches

Personalized fashion sketches are usually reserved for the Beyoncés and Natalie Portmans of the world. Going to the Oscars, are we? How about a lovely drawing of you in your custom gown? But now a new app called Chic Sketch is bringing artful, customized drawings into the hands of everyone with a smartphone.

The image above, of beauty news editor Catherine O’Neill, is the model for the sketch up top. Here’s how it works: Get the free Chic Sketch app from the Apple Store or Google Play and upload a photo of yourself—the service provides suggestions for how to take the best picture. In 24 hours (sometimes less), you’ll receive a sketch drawn by a fashion illustrator. Each piece costs $9.99, and if you want it faster, you can pay a fee to expedite the process.

Street-style and full-body fashion shots translate the best. But when we submitted the slightly tighter image of O’Neill, we were all impressed by how cool it turned out. The only type of image Chic Sketch isn’t meant for is a close-up head shot, since the app is designed to highlight fashion. Besides that, it can transform just about any picture into an awesome, one-of-a-kind drawing.

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