App of the Week; Chic Sketch turns you outfits into works of art

We’re always looking for fashion apps that solve problems, like organizing a closet or making online shopping easier but it’s also nice to find an app that focuses on something creative and fun.

With Chic Sketch, created by Appetizer Mobile, your best outfits can be turned into beautiful works of art. Personally, I’m always jealous of people who can create precise sketches, and this app does the work for you.

The app is free and only requires that you snap a head-to-toe picture of your outfit, or upload one you’ve already taken. To receive your sketch, a user pays $9.99 and can also get their completed sketch sooner for an additional $4.99.

Although users have to pay for their sketches, if you’re a fashion blogger or social media addict that wants a stylish sketch to post, Chic Sketch’s services are worth the money.

In addition to getting your own sketch, use the app to peruse other users’ sketches, gaining outfit inspiration and seeing other works of art. Trust me, it’s addicting.

Chic Sketch offers an exciting concept that is all their own. There is definitely a market for their services- fashionistas everywhere will love seeing their favorite ensembles made into a sketch, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love to Instagram that.

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