Lynq: Finding You’re Better Half

Lynq is a device that makes it easier for you to find anybody. From your child to your dog, this device is fit for everyone. Imagine losing your friends at a music festival and your phone doesn’t work? With Lynq, they use a unique tracking system to pinpoint anyone in your group. On their Indiegogo site, they make it clear that you need no network, Wi-Fi, maps, apps or phone. Using the device, you see the name of who’re looking for (of course the other person has to have a device as well) and you see how far they are from you with a little guiding arrow. When you’re close enough to the person, the numbers will decrease and an alert will appear notifying you that you’re near the other individual. Other features include creating a home base or a safe zone. These come in handy for alerts on people that leave the area accompanied by vibrations, ringing and lights. Losing track of people can be very frustrating and annoying, but thanks to Lynq, the problem is obsolete.

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