EightTV: A Non Sponsored Review

A new startup company is aiming to be a better “review and buy” application. For most of us, we love to review products before we spend our money on them, insuring that we get the maximum use out of the product. Many influencers like to inbox and review anything from makeup to technology and give their honest opinions, whether they are sponsored posts or not. At times, when the influencers post and are sponsored by the company, many people believe that they might be getting paid to simply endorse the brand without actually ever had used it. The point of EightTV is to make sure that the consumer has their own platform to review the product in real time from their smartphones, as opposed to a huge set up and with a camera and fancy lights. EightTV takes the video review and actually links it to the webpage of any of the products that were reviewed, making it easier for the consumer on the decision they might have made. The cofounder, Leon Cructchly, said in another article that “We’re focused on regular people where they can pick up the phone say what they think.” With this particular product, they hit it right on the head. Nobody wants to buy something and be disappointed or dissatisfied by what they get. Having this application is opening the door for more user feedback that is going to be incredibly accurate.


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