Apple Concepts

Ever had a feel for a touch screen on the Macbook? Well, a new concept design by iKoncept/ConceptsiPhone is breaking those limits and making a new wave by incorporating that idea. The concept is called the MacPad Pro. This is a device that has edge-to-edge screens and can be folded in whichever direction you’d please. The need for a Macbook with a touch screen has been on consumer’s minds for a while, maybe as far back as when iPad’s came into play. Just having that convenience on a laptop would better suit the needs of different people. The back of the device contains a dual camera and is also compatible with the Apple Pencil, which is a nice plus. The device also contains a terabyte of storage and bigger and brighter screens utilizing OLED. Think this concept could possibly hit the market anytime soon? Let us know your thoughts and contact our Appetizer Mobile team today!