CityMapper: Your New City Travel Map

New York City is known for many things, including the Subway whose trains either show up on time, are late or just don’t show at all. New Yorkers who use the trains daily dread hearing the loudspeaker and the person at the booth saying “There are delays and train traffic ahead”. It might just be faster to walk to work (Depending on what borough you live/travel too). One application called “CityMapper” has made travel easier both for me and many New Yorkers around the city. CityMapper was deemed “The best travel app to be introduced in NYC” by The New York Times, so we know that this application is actually helpful and worth while. While using the program, you have access to all the subway times and suggested train cars to take so you can easily get to your destination without all the confusing exits and stairways some stations in the city have. Other features include all city maps at your disposal as well as inputting directions to see which trains will get you to your destination. Maybe you don’t want to take the train? Maybe bike over the bridge, take an Uber or Lyft or simply walk. CityMapper has an option to choose either of those activities and tells you the estimated time of arrival. This is fantastic because you can now travel with piece of mind and not thinking of whether or not you’ll be late to whatever function or event you might be traveling to. Now to the good part: Delays. The application shows you all delays, on any train line around the city and tells you the exact stations you should avoid. If the F train is usually down on weeknights/ weekends, you might get a suggestion from the app to use the A train (which it usually covers during that time) to get where you’re going. Furthermore, you can see the LIRR, PATH train, the NJ Light Rail and also the NJ transit buses (if you’re in NYC/NJ, of course). The app is available on the App store and Google Play now.