Industry Trends We Can Expect For 2019

With 2018 drawing to a close, we thought it was a fitting time to look to the future and examine the key industry trends for the coming year.


So in this post, we’ll touch on 5 of the emerging trends we foresee impacting the mobile app development market in 2019.


1. The Rise of Chatbots


According to a Statista report, the global chatbot market is slated to grow to $1.25 billion by 2025; a staggering 500% jump from 2016.


Already, chatbots are providing several exciting business solutions. This includes shopping automation, personalized customer service responses, and improved customer service response rates.


Given their growing capability and ease of implementation, expected chatbots to become increasingly integrated into mobile applications.


2. The Emergence of 5G Wireless


In the past few weeks, Samsung and Verizon introduced their plan to release a 5G smartphone during the first half of 2019. Also, AT&T’s shared their plan to roll out its 5G network to 19 cities in early 2019.


Why does this matter?


It matters because 5G wireless connections are expected to introduce a host of new capabilities to smartphone users to enjoy. This includes:


  • 25% – 50% faster network speeds than 4G LTE
  • Lower latency
  • Better connectivity


This performance is especially expected to enhance the IOT (“Internet of Things”) market by increasing connectivity opportunity between devices.


Furthermore, 5G is bound to have an influence on multiple areas of IoT mobile app development, such as security systems, home appliances, and education.


3. Further Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Integration



Over the next 5 years, the market for AR and VR technology is expected to grow over 7 times from 1.6 billion in 2018 to 8.2 billion in 2023.


There have also been a number of notable successes and advancements among mobile apps:


Niantic’s Pokémon Go has maintained its relevance over the years and actually drew over 21,000 attendees to its Pokémon Go Festival in Chicago this past July.


Also, Instagram and Snapchat have continued to expand their AR capabilities through new cameras effects. This has ushered in new opportunities to engage with users and expand the platform’s promotional offerings for businesses, celebrities, and events.


Given these projections and success by big players, expect AR and VR to remain a growing area of app design by mobile app developers.


4. IoT Gaining Traction


The Internet of Things (IoT) has continued to permeate business operations and the consumer market in 2018.


IoT has provided solutions for a variety of industries such as healthcare, education, and transportation and continues to grow its scope. Notably, for mobile app developers, the cellular IoT market is projected to grow to over 1 billion U.S. dollars by 2021.


Moreover, look out for the increasing influence of IoT ecosystems and their applications on the mobile app development market.


5. More Instant Apps


Since 2016, instant apps have become increasingly popular in app stores.




For one, instant apps allow users to easily open and preview apps before installing them, which could make a huge difference for users who are tight on memory.


Also, they save users time by eliminating the installation process.


Hence, developers can get their app in users’ hands quicker and with fewer barriers to entry now more than ever.


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