North Acquires Intel’s Vaunt AR Glasses Patents

The Verge reports that North, the company responsible for Focals AR glasses, has acquired the patents and applications behind Intel’s defunct Vaunt AR glasses program.


North, formerly Thalmic Labs, introduced its take on AR glasses this past October with Focals. Given glasses’ sleek design and customizability, Focals have been labeled as augmented reality’s version of Warby Parker glasses. The glasses are set to start shipping in early 2019.


Similar to North’s Focals, Intel’s Vent glasses functioned by using minute mini lasers to reflect images directly onto the user’s retina. Though, the Vent glasses never saw the open market due to Intel’s inability to find a business partner.


North’s acquisition of Intel’s intellectual property is seen as a defensive strategy by business experts. By expanding its patent and technology portfolio, North gains greater legal cover to implement new user interfaces, techniques, and other features to their product.


Full details on the deal have yet to be disclosed.


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