Google Releases Version 1.2 of Its UI Framework Flutter

At MWC Barcelona 2019, Google released version 1.2 of its cross-platform UI framework Flutter. The updated framework is set to help developers more easily accept in-app payments and features support for Android App Bundles, which is Google’s upload format for instant apps and packaging Android Apps. Also, it adds various new web-based tools for mobile app developers.

The February update arrived just two months after version 1.0 was released and one month after the version 1.1 beta was released.

In the announcement, we learned that the updated framework is written in Google’s latest Dart 2.2 SDK format and that it will improve Flutter’s iOS support with features such as floating cursor text editing.

According to TechCrunch, Google has continued to expand its tools for developers in recent months. It has added a number of new development tools for Microsoft’s popular Visual Studio Code. Also, Google has begun to build and release its own web-based programming tools called Dart DevTools. If you are interested in trying these tools out, they are available for preview or install as extensions and add-ins for developers.

During their announcement, the Flutter team noted, “We plan to invest further in Dart DevTools as a first-class unified tool for Flutter developers, and as integration for web-based experiences improves, we plan to build these services directly into tools like Visual Studio Code.”

Furthermore, it looks like we can likely expect more updates and developer tools to be rolled out in the months to come.