Veed Raises Capital With Funding Round

A London-based startup called Veed that built an online-only, web-based platform for all video creators to edit and publish their work has raised $35 million in funding to double down on strong demand. The funding is coming from a single investor, Sequoia, and this is Veed’s first outside money since starting as a bootstrapped business in 2018. Veed started with basic cutting/cropping/merging editing tools, but today it covers a really wide range of other features that speak to the many ways video is used today; they include the ability to add in music or other media and manipulate the sound; create video effects; subtitles; and a range of editing tools optimized for specific platforms like YouTube; along with enterprise video features such as screen and webcam recording and creating teleprompter text. Veed will use the funding in part to grow that list with features that will see it lean into content distribution: It plans to add live streaming and hosting tools next.