11 Ways To Create An Appealing Hybrid Work Environment

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit and lockdown was in full swing, many businesses were forced to figure out how to run their operations remotely in order to stay afloat. Although business is regaining a sense of normalcy now, many job applicants continue to look for hybrid work environments when seeking potential job opportunities. Many companies have thus realized the benefits of operating under a hybrid work model, but they still need to ensure their hybrid work environment is appealing to candidates. When YEC and Forbes members were asked for their feedback on how companies can ensure the best for potential new hires, Jordan Edelson, CEO, provided his thoughts on the manner and stated, “Companies should look inward with their employees and take polls internally to see what works best for their company culture and environment. Then, during the hiring process, debrief with the human resources team to understand what candidates are looking for”. To read the entire article, visit the following link: