Picsart Adds AI

Digital creation company Picsart is adding an AI Image Generator and an AI Writer to create images and ad copy. Picsart says that as text-to-image generators are growing in popularity, it’s bringing one directly into its platform. As with other models, Picsart’s AI Image Generator allows you to create images simply by entering a word, phrase or paragraph. The AI Image Generator is currently available in the Picsart platform on iOS. You can access the AI Image Generator by opening the iOS app and tapping the plus sign at the bottom of your screen to start a new project. Next, you have to scroll down to find the tool and select it. You can then enter a word, phrase or sentence about the image you want to generate. Or, you can select from the suggested keywords and tap “Generate image” to see your AI-created images results. Then, you can select your favorite image and continue editing it with Picsart’s other tools.