Forbes: Thanking Clients This Holiday Season

Showing gratitude to your clients in today’s world can often be a struggle as we tend to work virtually or across long distance. But, with so many different options and approaches available, it takes a little creativity and insight to thank clients for their business in a way that will be both memorable and meaningful for them. Forbes Agency Council¬†members shared what their agencies are doing this holiday season to show clients how much they value and appreciate their partnership and Jordan Edelson, CEO of Appetizer Mobile, stated, “Offering to provide additional services at a discounted rate can be extremely beneficial for clients during the holiday season. It has the potential to lock clients into another commitment, and it shows a level of appreciation for their business. Also, sending a meaningful holiday gift can show that you are thinking about them during the holidays, which builds another dimension into the business relationship”. To read the entire article, visit the following link:¬†