Peloton Revamping Mobile App

Peloton is revamping its workout app to offer users three different tiers, including a new free tier and an upscaled one that costs $24 per month. The company is looking to rebrand as a fitness company for all, as opposed to being known as an in-home bike company. The first tier is called Peloton App Free and provides more than 50 classes across 12 fitness categories. The tier includes a rotating set of featured classes that will be refreshed on an ongoing basis but does not include live classes. The middle tier, which is called Peloton App One, already existed prior to the revamp and costs $12.99 per month. It includes unlimited access to thousands of classes across 9 of Peloton’s 16 modalities, including Strength, Meditation, Outdoor Walking, Yoga, and more as well as all the classes included in the free tier. The third tier, called Peloton App+, costs $24 per month and includes unlimited access to Peloton’s library, not including Lanebreak or Scenic classes. This tier includes all of App One’s offerings and unlocks access to thousands of equipment-based cardio classes to take on any indoor bike, treadmill or rower.