Rex – The New Social App!

A team of Twitter alumni are launching a new consumer social app, Rex, aimed at helping people share their personal recommendations of places to visit — like restaurants, bars, museums, and other businesses, even trails and parks. Using a combination of AI and computer vision technologies, the app aims to make it easier to get started sharing your recommendations by scouring your phone’s Camera Roll for photos from favorite spots, which you can then add to curated playlists that are shared with friends and followers. It’s been in active development for a little over a year and a half. Today, the app is officially exiting beta testing and being made available to the public. The startup is also announcing its raise of $3.96 million in seed funding from Accel, Khosla Ventures, and other investors from Twitter, Snap and Pinterest, including Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, via his fund Future Positive.