Turning Customer Complaints Into Positive Experiences

No matter how focused your business is on customer satisfaction, the occasional complaint is inevitable. Whether they occur in person at a physical store or through online channels, these complaints present unique opportunities to turn the situations around and deliver a positive experience. By actively listening to the customer’s concerns, businesses can demonstrate empathy, foster trust and find effective solutions that resolve the issue at hand and encourage that person to keep coming back. To that end, YEC members share a few key actions you can take to address negative feedback and create a positive outcome for the customer—and ultimately, your business. Jordan Edelson, CEO of Appetizer Mobile, stated, “When a customer brings up a complaint, one important action to take to help make their experience better is to empathize with their issue. Understand why they are experiencing the current issue and establish trust with them to ensure you can provide a resolution that will leave them satisfied”. To read the entire article, you can visit the following link: