“Rooms” Makes Its Way Into App Store

Cozy game, interior decorating app, learn-to-code primer or something in between, the interactive, 3D spaces builder known as Rooms has made its way to the App Store. The startup, which earlier raised $10 million in seed funding led by a16z, offers a way to design 3D spaces — its “rooms” — that are filled with furniture, décor, pets and tiny avatars. You can turn those rooms into mini-games, if you prefer. The purpose of Rooms is merely to create and explore design, which is something many people find relaxing. However this “digital equivalent of LEGO,” as the company has described it, also has an educational aspect to it. First launched on the web earlier this year, the project was inspired by co-founder Jason Toff’s work in Google’s AR/VR division, including its now-shuttered VR and AR app-building service Poly and the 3D modeling tool for VR, Blocks. His co-founder Bruno Oliveira also worked with him at Google, while co-founder Nick Kruge’s background includes time at Smule, Uber and Google’s YouTube.