Swayy App Shares Future Location!

Given that Instagram revealed that it was developing a “Friend Map” feature, it was interesting and timely to run into a startup during Mobile World Congress that plans to go beyond even that. Swayy is an iPhone app startup that allows you to share not your current location, but your next intended location. That could be either in a couple of hours in the future, or even weeks or months away. So why on earth would anyone want to do that? Instead of having to “constantly coordinate with your friends via text or phone calls, the app lets your followers know where you’ll be next and allows them to figure out if they can sort of ‘serendipitously co-locate’ with you.” You can also publish your future location to groups which you curate. That could be just one or two members of your family, a specific set of friends, a group of work colleagues or just the wider public at large, or rather, anyone who’s also on the app (because Swayy doesn’t have a public-web version the whole internet can access).