Check out the app Twodos!

Listing tasks and to-dos is a very personal process. Some users like apps with intricate features so they can manage their tasks better, but another set of users get irritated exactly by feature overload. That’s why software developer Adam Whitcroft built a dead simple to-do app called Twodos that doesn’t remind you of your pending tasks. Whitcroft, who has worked at a16z-backed Rewind and Shopify, wanted to have a non-noisy app for his tasks. Twodos doesn’t have a lot going on in terms of features, and that is probably an appealing factor for some users. There is only one screen with two parts for tasks: Sooner or Later. You can add tasks, mark them as done using a swipe gesture and check the archive to clear all tasks. There is an arrow button next to each task to move it to the other folder. While there are no reminders, you can look at the time passed between adding the task and marking that as done in the archive section. You can also sync these tasks to iCloud, but Whitcroft said he is not thinking about a Mac client anytime soon.