Forbes: How Marketers Are Using Qualitative Data

Lacking a holistic understanding of their target audience limits marketers’ ability to create the most effective strategies. Yet they often prioritize the concrete metrics of quantitative data, such as sales numbers and website traffic that seem easier to measure and analyze, over subjective observations. Consequently, relying solely on quantitative data can lead marketers to overlook the human element of consumer behavior and miss out on valuable insights that only qualitative data can provide. Qualitative data reveals vital information about customers’ emotions, motivations, preferences and perceptions. Through methods such as interviews and focus groups, marketers can gather rich, nuanced data that goes beyond mere numbers, illuminating a bigger picture that allows them to better tailor strategies, messaging and products to what consumers want. Forbes Agency Council explore the role that qualitative data can play in the era of big data and artificial intelligence and Jordan Edelson, CEO of Appetizer Mobile stated, “In the era of big data and AI, qualitative data helps marketers and advertisers gain a deeper understanding of customers’ motivations and preferences. Our agency plans to leverage it by developing richer audience personas, which can help clients get a clearer picture into their customers’ values, inspirations and challenges”. To read the entire article, you can visit the following: