RevenueCat Raises $12 Million

RevenueCat, a top subscription management platform for apps that monetize via in-app purchases, is now flush with new capital as it expands to the web. The company has closed on a $12 million Series C led by Adjacent, following the launch of a new product, RevenueCat Billing, that allows web app developers to integrate subscription purchases into any website. Later, it will also support Roku. The timing of the product’s launch is notable, as it arrives amid the implementation of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulation, which is forcing Apple to open the iPhone and the App Store to new competition. As a result, Apple initially blocked iPhone web apps (Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs) in the EU, likely fearing developers would abandon its App Store, before reversing that decision under regulatory pressure. For RevenueCat, however, the changes ahead for iOS — not to mention Apple’s refusal to cut its default 15%-30% commission rate — mean there are now more developers looking to the web to monetize their apps.