Personality Testing at the Workplace?

The use of personality tests during the hiring and onboarding process has grown in recent years, but it hasn’t come without controversy. Proponents of these assessments believe the results can uncover deeper insights into a candidate’s cultural fit, while naysayers argue that using them as a critical hiring factor disregards a person’s practical skills and experience, and could ultimately encourage biased decisions. So what are the viewpoints of entrepreneurs on personality tests at work? YEC members were asked  What are the merits and flaws of personality tests? Are personality tests useful in the workplace? Jordan Edelson, CEO of Appetizer Mobile, stated, “Personality tests are very difficult to interview for. They usually point out more flaws than merits, from my experience. I find performance reviews after someone has been hired and has worked for a set amount of time are better indicators of how one’s personality works within an established company culture”. To read the entire article, you can visit the following link: