AppFutura Ranking Series: Top Game app developers 2015

Among the different platforms and categories of app development that AppFutura offers, we think that Game apps are one of the most popular. Mobile app development is becoming key for a lot of company’s innovation strategy. Last year we published a Top 10 Game app developers, but things have changed quite a bit in the past months.

Brands do not only communicate via corporate news, advertisement or e-mails now, companies search for different ways to achieve potential clients. That’s why Game apps are becoming more and more popular. Here you’ll find our Top Game app developers, the best developers in our directory. Remember that you can contact them if you are interested in Game apps.
appetizerAppetizer Mobile is a NY creative mobile app development and marketing company. Brand identity and mobile apps are their main core. The company works on applications for all the platforms available, from educational to communications or games.
Their apps are stylish and intuitive to achieve the level the client asks for. The team has creative designers, architects, programmers and project managers. Appetizer Mobile has developed apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and HTML5. Their games can be singleplayer or mutiplayer.


The convergence of creativity and innovation

Portal Ball, Appetizer Mobile

“The latest mobile game we have developed in 2015 is PortalBall. It is an augmented reality sci fi baseball game for iOS and Android. We partnered with Joe Girardi, Manager of the New York Yankees. We have several upcoming mobile games that we will be launching early next year as well.”



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