Forbes: How To Motivate Your Employees To Reach The Finish Line

Appetizer Mobile’s CEO, Jordan Edelson, mentioned in one Forbes’ latest articles:


Every business, regardless of industry, is going to face challenges that impact its team members. When that challenge happens to be a difficult client or campaign, it can really take a toll on employee morale. Working day in and day out with an aggressive or overly demanding client, or a campaign that’s just not producing the desired results, might make your team feel helpless and hopeless, which could even lead to some turnover.

As a manager, your job is to rally the troops and keep everyone motivated to cross the finish line, even when the outlook is bleak. Forbes Agency Council members offered their best advice to help you guide your team through a rough patch with your client or campaign.

11. Break The Challenge Down Into Manageable Steps

Showing your employees that they’re not alone in the task and that you have their back can make it easier for them to deal with a difficult campaign or client. The key component is to understand that the end product should not suffer based on the difficulty of the challenge. By breaking the challenge down, you make the process of dealing with a difficult client or project much more manageable. – Jordan EdelsonAppetizer Mobile LLC


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