Forbes: Want People To Share Your Social Content?

Appetizer Mobile’s CEO, Jordan Edelson, mentioned in one Forbes’ latest articles:


A robust social media presence has quickly gone from a “nice to have” to an absolute necessity for new and established brands alike. Whether your target audience is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or all of the above (and then some), being where your customers are and providing consistent, interesting content is key to creating loyal followers.

But it’s not enough to simply have a social presence and schedule content. If you want to make the most of social media, you need to build engagement and encourage your audience to share that content – and they won’t do that if you’re not providing value.

12. Continually Test Content And Analyze Results


Keep posting on a daily basis and see what works best for your company/brand. You can make educated guesses all day long, but it won’t mean anything unless you attempt to test it and see how it works. Pay attention to what’s actually working by the numbers and follow that – don’t always think you know what’s best. – Jordan EdelsonAppetizer Mobile LLC


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