Apple Unveils New Fleet of “iProducts”

Two days ago in the Steve Jobs Theater located in Cupertino, California, Apple unveiled its new fleet of Apple products. To begin with, Apple introduced their new Apple Series Watch 4, which will boast thinner bezels and a bigger casing. The screen is now larger with about a 30% increase in display size, but the overall volume of the watch has been decreased.  They’ve also placed focus on the healthcare technology as the watch can detect if a user has fallen or has become unresponsive and will immediately send medical personnel to the location. Apple then unveiled their new iPhone devices; the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Both devices have been superiorly increased in display size, camera megapixels, water resistance, GPU and CPU. The iPhones will also have dual-SIM support which will allow users to have two phone numbers connected to the device at once. Starting with a 64 GB storage capacity, iPhone XS will cost $999 and the iPhone XS Max will cost $1099. Are you planning on purchasing any of these new iPhone products?


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