Nine Things Your E-Commerce Business Can Learn From Amazon’s Success

In the mid-’90s, launched as an online bookseller. Today, it’s arguably the largest ecommerce company in the world, offering everything from home goods and pet supplies to food and clothing, as well as an impressive suite of add-on services for its Prime members. Beyond that, Amazon has created a customer experience that’s so recognizable and praised, nearly every online seller aspires to replicate it.

While we can‘t promise your online business will become the next Amazon by simply implementing the following tips, there are certainly elements of its approach that you can adapt for your own ecommerce business.

Below, nine members of the Forbes Agency Council share some best practices to borrow from the retail giant.

1. Focus On Your Customer Instead Of Your Competition

Amazon’s success is directly derived from focusing on customer satisfaction. By focusing on customers and truly understanding their needs, wants and desires, Amazon has been able to catapult further than any competitor and consistently dominate the market. And this isn’t surface level — Amazon has built a powerful culture around this from supply chain to corporate and every facet in-between. – Darryl Mascarenhas, LivelyGroup


2. Create A Comprehensive One-Stop-Shop Feel

Amazon has created a platform that covers many consumer product categories. They do an excellent job of providing reviews and multiple product options all from one search. Consumers can quickly glance at items to make a quick impulse buy or do further research by reviewing the Q&A section on each product. Other retailers should take note of how Amazon offers a comprehensive experience for everyone. – Jordan EdelsonAppetizer Mobile LLC


3. Make Your Customers Feel Involved And Important

Amazon’s Prime membership adds a level of “attachment” to its overall service and experience that keeps them top of mind for shopping decisions. Amazon is constantly improving Prime members’ experience, helping customers feel respected, involved and important. As consumers, when we feel more invested, we’re more likely to align ourselves with a brand. Just think of the iPhone. – Bernard MayNational Positions



4. Provide A Subscription Option

Amazon gives users the option to buy products as a monthly subscription. This makes buying more convenient for users because they don’t have to go back to the website to buy it again if it’s a product they need frequently. Any way that you can make the buying experience easier for your users will help bring more customers to your ecommerce website. – Solomon ThimothyOneIMS




5. Give Customers Access To A Human Who Can Help

Recently, I had an instance where a package was shipped after the item was damaged. Less than two clicks later, I had a phone number for customer support that, when called, was answered by a real person who settled the matter in minutes. Even when the entire experience is digital, you can’t forget how essential personal contact is for when things go wrong. – Brian SullivanSullivan Branding



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