Siilo: The “WhatsApp” For Hospitals

Siilo, the mobile messaging application just recently raised approximately $5.1 million in a seed round. The startup company has been compared much to its competitor, WhatsApp, as the design and basic functionality have drawn similar styles. Make no mistake though, Siilo’s product is focused towards a completely different demographic as WhatsApp has been known primarily as a consumer facing application. Siilo was built for the medical industry to allow physicians and medical employees to share patient information and notes. The tool allows professionals to collaborate with one another on patient care with encrypted messages which provides a more efficient means to communicate with one another. The messages sent on the application are deleted automatically after 30 days unless a user chooses to save the message or conversation. Coupled with biometric and pin code security, this Dutch startup company is looking to make a splash in a health care industry that is constantly looking to improve its communication technology.


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