15 Unique Ways To Use Video To Boost Audience Engagement: Forbes


Effective customer engagement is the driving force behind drawing people in the first time, keeping them coming back in the future and holding their loyalty to your brand. Recently, video has emerged as one of the leading ways to reach and engage an audience—especially online. On Facebook alone, over 500 million users watch videos every day.

To effectively utilize video for marketing, it’s important to not only know how and where users interact with video, but also how to create video content that truly engages viewers and stands out from the surrounding crowd. To help, 15 members of Forbes Agency Councilshare their ideas.

1. Marketing Case Studies

Videos provide an excellent medium for marketing case studies to target audiences. They can often bring life to dry testimonials and engage audiences in a more relatable and emotionally stimulating way. – Jordan EdelsonAppetizer Mobile LLC

2. Customer Education

Brands that use video to train or enable their customers are playing a different game than the brands that create high production value video content. Helping a user or customer with knowledge puts the brand in a position of leadership and authority. – Andy EtemadiEYEMAGINE



3. Telling A Story

Don’t just sit and talk about topics in your videos. Tell the story using powerful visuals and descriptive B-roll. We’ve all seen the video where a guy is talking about his kitten, but those aren’t the videos that go viral. Let the cat in! The story should feature the main character. – Evangeline SuttonRegenerative Marketing LLC




4. Client Testimonials

The most powerful video a company can have is a testimonial where their ecstatic client shares their authentic journey, identifying the problems or issues they were dealing with and how you and your company helped them overcome those roadblocks. – Drew GerberWasabi Publicity, Inc.




5. Brand Stories Showing Your Personality

Use video to help share your company’s story. Manicured, scripted videos are great for tutorials and tips, but don’t be afraid to share some behind-the-scenes looks via Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and so on. Give your brand personality by literally showing your personality. Your video does not need to be perfect, and small imperfections help humanize your brand. – Bernard MayNational Positions




6. Customer-Created Segments

A video is historically about consumption and not interaction, but it is still content that can be creatively utilized. At live events, video can be integrated into captured footage to create personal, shareable takeaways. Alternatively, users can submit clips online to be integrated into aired commercials. Brands should continue to find ways to create fluid content and share with customers. – Elizabeth Jean PostonHelios Interactive, A Freeman Company




7. Niche Content

A video is very attractive as a high-engagement medium, but historically brands made videos only for large target audiences due to time and cost. With the cost of video cameras coming down and the rise of low-cost video editing tools, brands must now start producing more videos to attract narrower audiences. Viewers connect with videos when they feel you are helping their need and not all needs. – Todd EarwoodMoneyPath



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