Chinese Government Shutters Over 9,300 Mobile Apps

Since the start of January, the Cyberspace Administration of China, the country’s chief internet regulator, has shut down over 9,300 mobile apps and 700 websites.



Among apps shuttered includes the popular news app Tencent, which the agency claims was responsible for spreading “vulgar and low-brow content that was harmful and damaging to the internet ecosystem.”



Similarly, the regulator took aim at the internet giants of Baidu and Sohu who were ordered to remove a number of their news services over the past few weeks as well.



This crackdown is part of a larger digital campaign that has aimed to take swift action against “harmful” content on the internet. As a result, apps and websites throughout China face the threat of being shut down or censored for reasons as small as crude jokes.



Furthermore, mobile app developers and distributors looking to expand to the Chinese market should take note of this industry force and monitor it closely.



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