Outdoor Advertising Campaigns: Forbes


In a recent Forbes article, Forbes Agency Council members, including Appetizer Mobile’s CEO, Jordan Edelson, discussed nine examples of effective outdoor advertising campaigns and how they were leveraged to focus on viral components. Edelson describes the success of Spotify’s “Your 2018 Wrapped” campaign, which gave users the ability to share their year-end streaming data on a digital billboard in Times Square. Other campaigns detailed in the piece include South Park’s #CancelSouthPark billboards, Paul Smith’s pink wall, Delta’s Tinder dating wall, Coca-Cola’s billboard in Toronto, Powerade’s workout billboards, Lyft’s “Ride To Vote” campaign, Gossip Girl ‘OMFG’ billboard and Chick-Fil-A’s ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ billboards. Overall, the article provides a number of insights into how brands can increase their exposure using outdoor advertisements.

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