Missteps To Avoid When Using TikTok For Business Marketing

TikTok’s footprint in the social media space exploded in 2022, as the short-from video site became the favorite of Gen-Zers and younger users. Its flexibility and popularity encourage creators and consumers to turn to the site for engaging, entertaining content spanning everything from humor to social trends to education—and beyond. Unsurprisingly, businesses are looking to tap into the platform’s popularity to reach its wide and youthful audience, including the younger generation of business leaders. But just because TikTok captures a big share of social media users doesn’t mean business marketing content posted to the site will automatically succeed; it’s still essential to tailor your message and methods to the TikTok platform and audience. Forbes Agency members were asked what the common missteps they see in marketing on TikTok. Jordan Edelson, CEO of Appetizer Mobile, stated, “Brands and businesses should be very wary of how they spend their marketing dollars on micro- and macro-influencers. It’s critical they perform their due diligence by inspecting engagement metrics and overall audience fit”. To read the entire article, visit the following link: