Forbes: Training a New Employee

When it comes to training employees, there’s no one way to do it right—but there are a few ways you might be doing it wrong. Using outdated materials or failing to check in enough may not be intentional blunders, but they could prevent your employee from succeeding as quickly as you’d like them to in their role. However, after years of training new employees, business leaders are bound to have picked up a few lessons along the way. Members of YEC shared a few of the lessons they’ve learned over their careers about how to train effectively and Jordan Edelson, CEO of Appetizer Mobile, stated “Being extremely meticulous in outlining what tasks they’re going to be delegated before they’ve started not only helps the new hire, but it also helps other team members understand what role they’re going to be fulfilling in a clearer capacity. Level-setting coupled with transparency is also very important in building a clear communication channel with the employee”. To read the entire article, you can visit the following link: